the trust has no funds... and              ...there is no trustee

No Money AND No Trustee  GREAT! Situation Could Not Be Better?

Dave Pawlowski to WPF       Friday, July 12, 2021, 02:45 PM PDT

I understand you came by my office unexpectedly this morning.

As you know, the trust has no funds to pay for an appraisal and presently,
there is no trustee;
It is my understanding you were notified of Ms. Fox’s death by Ms. Fox’s
office and Miller, Monson, Peshel, Polacek & Hoshaw.

Proceeds from the sale of 12351 Fairway Pointe Row missing, sent, certainly, unaccounted for.  What Happened to the $1,000,000+

 I did not know the "Trust Had No Funds"

My mother's home was liquidated by these thieves.

I was unable to retrieve as much as one photograph.