ALL LIVING TRUSTS NEED TO HAVE THIS!!!      if ENFORCED...THIS CLAUSE                                              PUTS THE "CROOKS" OUT-OF-BUSINESS

 >>>        ARTICLE    6.1         FOSTER  FAMILY  TRUST  11/02/1996       <<<

6.2 Deferral of Division or Distribution of Trust Assets

Whenever (January 21, 2002) the Trustee (Survivor Shirley Foster) is directed to make a distribution of 
trust assets or a division of trust assets into separate trusts or shares on a Trustor's death, the Trustee 
(Shirley Foster) may, in the Trustor's discretion, defer the distribution or division until six months 
(January 21, 2002 plus 180 days is July 21, 2002) after the Trustor's death.  When the trustee defers 
distribution or division of the trust assets, the deferred division or distribution shall be made as if it had 
taken place at the time prescribed in the instrument in the absence of this paragraph, and all rights giving
to the beneficiaries of those assets under other provisions of this trust instrument shall be considered to 
have accrued and vested as of that prescribed time.

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